Truck Tool Boxes Make Life Easier

Truck tool boxes make life easier for anyone working a trade in anything from construction to electrical to HVACR.

You may need to take a few measurements of your truck before ordering a storage box of any type for your truck. Measure the width and height of your truck bed and the space between the wheel wells and the cab. Knowing these measurements will allow to you select a tool box that fits your truck properly.

The mounting kit for most boxes includes support legs and hardware. Some sizes available are 47 ½, 48 ½ and 58 ½ inch.

Let’s look at some boxes and some precautions and other considerations.

Liquid transfer tanks are a great purchase if you haul a lot of liquid. However, these must be vented at all times for expansion and to prevent vacuum formation during liquid removal. Before installing or using the liquid transfer tank, it is advisable to visually inspect the entire tank for any damage. Delta Liquid Transfer Tanks are highly durable and affordable. These tanks are used widely in all industries to store and transport liquids. A filter system may be used with these tanks. Delta is a widely acclaimed name in tool storage of high quality and durability.

Crossover boxes feature drill-resistant round push buttons, EPDM Live Cell automotive bulb-style weather stripping and fine finish. Clear coat bright models have a hard, clear protective powder coat paint finish and the black models have a black diamond bright powder coat paint finish. The deep and extra wide models have ample space for heavier and larger tools. You can take a few measurements of your truck before ordering a crossover box. Knowing these measurements will allow you to select a crossover box that fits your truck properly.

Some features in steel chests include the following

  • 14-gauge steel continuous hinge with 1/4″ steel pin and extra large 1″ knuckles for maximum stability and security.
  • Rain drain systems that channel water entering the padlock housing to the outside of box.
  • Strong bottom bolsters offering greater load carrying capacity.

Underbed boxes hang from the lower side of the truck and allow you to save space in your truck. The underbed toolbox can be used for flatbed work rigs that need out-of-the-way secure tool storage. They can also be used on trailers. Underbed boxes are used in many locations where space is required for storing heavy, bulky equipment. Delta Pro Underbed boxes are designed to be mounted on the underside of the frame of medium and heavy-duty work trucks.

These are just a few of the truck bed tool boxes that will make life easier for just about anyone whether you are working – or even playing!

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