A Tonneau Cover Has Some Major Advantages

Using a tonneau cover has some major advantages over not having one installed. If you now have a pickup truck with an open box you should already understand where I am coming from. I remember doing a lot of hunting and fishing and camping and without a tonneau cover it was just a major pain in the butt some times. Out from a sky that just had only a few clouds a short time ago came a major downpour. The heavy rain didn’t last long but all the gear in the truck bed was soaked and unusable. Needless to say that ended the hunting trip. Does this scenario sound familiar? Well this type of thing happened fairly often years ago when I did not even know what a tonneau cover was. I know there were toppers otherwise known as caps, but the idea of crawling up into the bed of the truck and digging your way to the front wasn’t very favorable either not to mention to haul a taller type cargo would have been impossible without taking the cap of.

For my particular purpose a folding tonneau cover would have been excellent. I would have been able to get at my gear from the front or back, quickly and easily. Now the Extang Encore is a hard folding truck bed cover that you can open from the back or the front near the cab. There are also different Bakflip models that fold all the way to the rear window allowing complete access to the truck bed. You need to drop the tailgate to get at the latches to open these covers which is great for security. Just add an aftermarket tailgate lock and up the security even more. This would have been a real blessing when I did all my outdoor adventures.

Of course these are not the only type of tonneau covers out there. There happen to be many more such as the fiberglass hinged which look pretty darn good painted up to match your pickup truck. You can wash and wax them the same as your truck. There are also retractable type pickup bed covers. These are pretty unique as they roll in and out of a canister that lies across the front of the truck bed behind the cab. If you haven’t seen one you would be amazed that you can even get some electric models that open and close with a remote.

The tonneau covers I mentioned above can get pretty expensive and may not be right for everyone. Fortunately there are the soft truck bed covers that are much cheaper and do a great job of protecting your cargo. These soft covers come in many different models within categories such as folding, hinged and roll up types. There are lots of brand names from quite a few manufacturers. They each have their own little twist that makes them unique. Things like covering the stake holes and some that don’t cover the stake holes allowing them for use with accessories. Many of these soft covers require you to open the tailgate to gain access to their release latches. Again I say, just add an aftermarket tailgate lock for better security for your tonneau cover.

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