Popular Jeep Modifications

There are many popular Jeep modifications that can be done to your vehicle. These modifications are often made to make the vehicle more powerful and capable of off roading. If you just plan on driving your Jeep around town you should save your money for routine maintenance and Jeep replacement parts. However, if you plan on taking your vehicle off road often, or if you plan on entering off roading contests it can pay to sink money into mods.

There are some Jeep modifications that require no parts at all, just a little bit of time. Anyone with a Jeep should go topless. Taking the top off your Jeep is very easy to do, as is putting it back on. Modifying your vehicle to make it even easier is totally possible with a few basic Jeep parts.

Other modifications take a bit more work and a lot more money. Which ones you choose to do will depend on what exactly you plan to use your Jeep for. It doesn’t make sense to sink a $4500 engine into your vehicle if you aren’t going to be using that much power.

Engine and transmission mods are among the most popular for those who want to get more out of their Jeep. These Jeep modifications are not easy to make. You will need a way to lift the engine and transmission out of the vehicle and lower a new one in. Alternatively you can buy the Jeep replacement parts and hire a mechanic with the proper tools and capability to perform the labor.

Some mods can be done completely on your own with a bit of help from Jeep how to articles. One such mod is the spring over suspension. This requires a Jeep lift kit that will help you relocate the springs, move the axles below the springs, relocate the shock mounts, and contend with possible axle warp. These issues may be limited depending on the kit you purchase to help you, or you can do it completely on your own without a kit, but that is much more difficult. The end result is at least five inches of lift, if not much more depending on the lift kit. This modification is necessary if you want to run with taller tires.

Power steering modifications are important for older Jeeps that you want to take off road. The steering system in place will be fine if you just want to run around town, but as soon as you take it off road you will run into problems if you don’t upgrade the power steering system. This can also be done easily with the right Jeep parts and how to articles. Other upgrades and Jeep modifications are also available, but these are the most popular and common.

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