RV Solar Panels: Benefits to Going Solar

When planning a family vacation, a recreational vehicle can prove quintessential in providing the comforts of home and freedom from hotels and other methods of travel. This allows you to bring along your everyday home electrical equipment such as television, microwave, and Nintendo Wii. However, due to the limited power in an RV, the number of appliances operating at one time is limited. Current RV owners can attest to this and have chosen RV solar panels as their preferred method of power. As more and more RVers begin to recognize the advantages of going solar, it is predicted they will become standard on RVs in the future. For those RV owners unsure if they will truly benefit from making the switch, hopefully this article can “shed some light” on this solar technology.

Although saving energy is an obvious reason, RV owners may not grasp just how much power is being consumed inside their vehicle. In older RVs, stove top cooking was as easy as lighting a match. However, modern RV units are equipped with electrical ranges, a device presumably used three or more times a day. Additionally, a majority of recreational vehicles are furnished with a small shower, dispersing hot water from a water-heating device. Lastly, it’s common knowledge that nobody enjoys being bored while awaiting the family’s destination – especially the children. To mitigate boredom and the inevitable “are we there yet?” nagging, people equip their vehicle with television sets, laptops, and other gaming devices. Installing solar panels on your recreational vehicle may be the wisest decision an owner can make. Constructed of high-efficiency materials, panels convert rays from the sun into electrical power. Feel free to heat up lunch, freshen up in the shower, and keep the children entertained without all the worry.

Another benefit all RV owners should appreciate is the freedom solar panels can provide. Solar panels can produce electricity in as little as 10% of full sunlight. The heart of this technology is simple – highly efficient solar panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. This allows you to travel to a wider variety of locations because you no longer have to fret over finding a source of power for your vehicle. As long as the sun is shining, you will be taking your power with you. As an added bonus, this energy is never wasted. Whenever the sun shines on the panel, electricity is produced and stored in your vehicle’s battery. Even more useful than this is the fact that you can use some of the excess energy to recharge the battery.

Lastly, a rewarding benefit from installing RV solar panels is the money your family will save. For those vacation-goers who are worried about suffering from sticker shock, solar panels are not as expensive as most assume. Currently, modest systems are being sold for $200 to $900. Installation is so quick and simple that many owners are beginning to install these kits themselves. It is as simple as securing the panels to the roof of the RV and running the wire to your vehicle’s battery box. Once in place, you eliminate the cost for fuel. This benefit will pay for your solar panel kit in no time. What power company can make you this offer? Whichever benefit compels you to make the change to solar energy, you will, in the end, be leaving less of a carbon footprint on our environment, keeping your wallet fuller, and seeing more of the world and less of the camp site.

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