Researching Motorhomes Online

You and your family can’t wait to hit the campgrounds and the highways in a new motorhome, but don’t buy one without doing a bit of research. A motorhome is a big investment, too big to make on the spur of the moment. Avoid making a serious (and costly) mistake; educate yourself first – and then go shopping.

Like cars, recreational vehicles are available in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and conditions. Just because an RV looks good doesn’t mean that it is. By taking the time to research online, you’ll be able to rule out poor performing vehicles and find the best choice for your money and your needs.

Although there are other methods of gathering information on motorhomes, researching online is the simplest. Through the web, a virtually unlimited number of options are at your fingertips. Here are of few of the best approaches to take when educating yourself on motorhomes via the internet.

Conduct a Standard Search

One of the easiest ways to learn about RVs that are for sale is to perform a standard internet search. If you have already found one that you’re considering for purchase, look it up by make, model and year. Doing so will lead you to numerous informational sites as well as to discussion boards where owners, among others, share information about the vehicle, including commendations and complaints. These real-life discussions are an excellent source of information about the motorhome’s performance.

Consult Online Value Guides

Online vehicle value guides are another excellent resource, particularly when you’re considering buying a used RV. Check out the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) website, NADA Guides. There, prices for cars, boats, motorcycles, manufactured homes and, of course, RVs may be looked up alphabetically. If you can’t find the make, model and year you’re looking for, you may also order pricing guides.

Kelley Blue Books that focus on motorhomes may also be ordered online. Consulting a pricing guide before you make a deal can prevent you from spending too much on a new or used RV.

Check Consumer Reporting Sites

Consumer reporting websites such as Consumer Reports and Consumers Union are also worth visiting. If neither of these meets your needs, search for comparable sites using phrases like “motorhome consumer reports.” Once you’ve found a site you like, see if the motorhome you’re interested in has ever been recalled for repairs or updates.

Recalls are common in the auto industry; however, it is better if the RV you ultimately purchase has either never been recalled or has been recalled and successfully fixed. If your search is inconclusive, try a Boolean search using Google: type the make and model of your motorhome in the search box and follow it with the word “recall” in quotation marks.

Even if you haven’t started shopping for a recreational vehicle, you can begin searching the internet now for highly rated RVs. Internet research is an easy and convenient way to learn before you buy. You can even find motorhomes for sale online. If you don’t have access to the internet at home, go to your local public library. There, with a free library membership, you can reserve a work station and research for hours without interruption.

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