Common Features in Today’s Motorhomes

Motorhomes are everywhere these days – lined up neatly on dealership lots, described in detail in the local paper’s classified ads section, and sometimes glossily displayed on the covers of the magazines you pass in the grocery store check-out line. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to own an RV, you’re not alone.

Motorhomes are well-loved by many, primarily for their versatility. They provide their owners with a tremendous amount of freedom. If you owned an RV, you could live in it permanently if you so chose. Given a small plot of land on which to park, it would suffice as a permanent abode as well as a small apartment or a tiny cabin would.

If you owned a recreational vehicle, you could travel affordably and comfortably in it, making short trips or long ones – even taking extremely long journeys, perhaps even cross country. And of course, they are perfect for camping excursions. With an RV, the possibilities are diverse.

In addition to their wide variety of uses, recreational vehicles come in myriad sizes, shapes and styles. They are also equipped with many creature comforts. In fact, the features detailed below are standard in most motorhomes today.


Bathrooms with flushable toilets are common to almost all motorhomes. Many medium and large motorhomes are also equipped with small shower stalls. Especially if you plan to live in your recreational vehicle or travel long distances, having both is essential.


Motorhomes also usually come complete with kitchens. Their size, of course, depends upon the overall size of the motorhome. Most include ovens, stoves, microwaves, kitchen cabinets and sinks. Like the size of the kitchen itself, the sizes of the appliances are directly relatable to the motorhome’s size. If you’re looking for spaciousness, consider purchasing a full-sized home. These often have full-sized kitchens.

Sleeping Quarters

The most common feature of recreational vehicles are their sleeping areas. Most have at least two or three sleeping areas. The number, once again, is dependent upon the size of the motorhome. Smaller recreational vehicles may feature couches that double as beds or kitchen tables that convert into sleeping areas, while large RVs often have actual bedrooms with doors, which are great for those who want privacy.

As previously noted, most motorhomes for sale today have bathrooms, kitchens and sleeping areas. If you are looking for additional luxury features, however, such as built-in entertainment centers or power box side awnings, be sure to shop the models that offer the features you want.

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