3 Common Sense Tips When Buying a Used Motorhome

A used motorhome makes sense in the same way that a used car does – save tons of money with an almost-new car (or motorhome). You let the first owner(s) of the motorhome take a huge hit on depreciation, they take great care of it (because it is new, after all) and when they decide to sell to you, you end up with a great used motorhome that will give your years of enjoyment at a bargain purchase price.

So, you save money and have a great time in the process – simple, right? It’s almost that easy, but there are 3 common sense tips that you really should pay attention to before you buy that used motorhome.

Know What Type of Used Motorhome You Want

Do your homework before you go shopping. Are you looking for a class C motorhome? Then don’t line up a bunch of class A motorhomes to look at. If you want certain options – like double A/C units, a generator or flat screen TVs, make sure the motorhomes you’re looking at have those items.

Sometimes a high-mileage unit will come up that looks really cheap, initially. But remember, high mileage often means hard use, so make sure you think hard about these high-mileage units and don’t concentrate solely on the low price.

Stick To Your Budget

If you only have $15,000 to spend on a used motorhome, then do not go over that amount! Only look at motorhomes in that price range. If the budget you have for buying a used motorhome seems low for the year and number of options you have in mind, you may need to modify your requirements a bit. For example, if the 30-foot motorhomes are all over your budget, start looking for those in the 26 foot range. You get the idea – stick to your budget. Your budget can also be a great negotiating tool to use when haggling over price with sellers.

Have Your Used Motorhome Inspected

Always have a professional examine the used motorhome you want to buy – before money changes hands! This simple step will probably cost you several hundred dollars but could be worth its weight in gold if there are expensive problems that you didn’t see. Refrigerator not working? Fork over $1,200 for a new one. Sagging rear springs? Pay the man $2,500! There are so many expensive systems on a used motorhome that can go wrong – make sure you know the full story before you buy!

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