Motorcycle Headlight Safety and Upgrades

There are several factors involved in motorcycle safety but the main one is the motorcycle headlight. According to a study by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), the most frequent cause of motorcycle right-of-way accidents is due to their inconspicuousness.

Most of the motorists involved in these accidents always site that “I couldn’t see them” or “He came out of nowhere”. Manufacturers considered this study and since 1979 most, all of the motorcycles that are sold in the United States come with automatic-on headlamps, which make them more conspicuous and have reduced the right-of-way violations and accidents.

A halogen headlight is a standard feature on all road ready motorcycles but some riders prefer to have a motorcycle headlight upgrade for added safety as well as a variety of different reasons. These reasons include; safety, brightness, size, amount of power required to run the lighting system or just pure aesthetics. Riders may upgrade to an HID headlight, LED headlight or a custom headlight.

HID motorcycle headlights provide 3 times more light on the road than the standard halogen headlight and comes in different colors to improve conspicuity and safety on the road.

A rider may also chose the LED motorcycle light, which are smaller and not susceptible to the vibration failure issues of other headlights. They will also reduce the power consumption of the lighting system.

Finally, the third upgrade option are custom motorcycle lights. Typically, this is selected by a rider looking for a certain look or aesthetic for their motorcycle and may involve custom conversion kits for proper mounting. A popular spin to the custom headlight is to add additional lights or to augment the existing lighting. The only limiting factor to the custom motorcycle headlight or its augmentation is your creative ability to mount them and the electrical output of your bike’s stator.

There are abundant websites and retailers offering the HID, LED and custom motorcycle headlights. The price range for all of these upgrades varies greatly and depends upon the brand, style of light that you chose and what type of kit is required for mounting. Most of these kits do not need to be installed by a professional.

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