Gaining Experience For Motorcycles

I love to think my life is an adventure. There are times when it seems like the most boring thing – but every now and than I try to spice it up with something. I can never spend too much time in one home, I love to see new places, and am willing to take a risk! When I was a teenager I attempted to drive a bike over a ramp and do a trick. Something I had never done before.

That attempt didn’t quite work for me or my friend. It was lucky we were wearing helmets. However, it didn’t stop me from wanting to experience more things. On my list of things to do is drive a motorcycle. I have never been on one – but I have always dreamed of owning one. Something that will happen on my 30th birthday!

Motorcycles are naturally fast and it would be amazing to go those speeds without anything holding me back. On the normal roads I would understand that I need to be safe and would never endanger another driver by driving reckless. On the back roads though anything is game!

In a few years I hope to try my hand out by starting in something a bit more simple – a motocross bike. These are types of dirt bikes and are a bit different. It will give me a small taste at what to expect and will give me the experience driving off road.

I am going to invest in the motocross gear and get my own colors and look! After that I will research on what bike to get and will study for my motorcycle test. When that is done I will officially be a biker chick!

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