Enjoying Your Motorcycle Group Ride Safely

Sharing the liberating freedom of riding a motorcycle with other riders is one of the most enjoyable experiences for many motorcyclists. The group ride is an important activity in most motorcycle communities. It is also equally important that a motorcycle group ride is done safely, to avoid unnecessary and potentially life-threatening accidents. Taking the proper steps to plan and prepare for your ride can significantly decrease your risk for an accident, whether you are riding as a group or an individual.

Choosing a proper riding formation is essential to having a safe group ride. Not only is this important for your visibility as a group, but it is crucial for safe maneuvering in the event of an accident. Riders should be aligned in two, staggered columns. By putting a two second gap between you and the rider directly in front of you, you increase your ability to respond to the movements of the lead rider. By leaving staggered spacing between you and the nearest rider, you allow yourself room to avoid a potential accident or encroachment into your lane with out endangering a rider beside you. This alleviates the danger of entangling handle bars or causing a collision between riders in the event of a swift movement.

Safe group rides really begin before a group hits the road. By assigning a group leader, the entire group will be aware of who to follow.  Also, having a common understanding of hand signals will greatly increase the group’s ability to communicate on the road. Having a planned route with stops decided on in advance will allow riders who get separated to confidently continue riding, knowing where to meet back with the group.

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