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What You Should Know About Car Audio Speakers

Loudspeakers, in this case your car stereo speakers, converts audio signals to electrical form through pressure waves so that our auditory receptors- ears can pick it up as sound. The vital role of a car stereo speaker is to reproduce sound or audio signals perfectly without any distortions.

To reproduce the complete range of audio spectrum only one loudspeaker is necessary. Some speakers cannot produce higher frequencies because it has a lot of mass so that it can only generate low frequency audio signals. That is why there is the component and coaxial speakers. Subwoofers are designed to produce very low music with impact and can be heard as well. Speakers can impact the sound system of your car. That’s why choosing a good quality speaker although higher in price can produce great music that you will surely enjoy.

The most basic and common type of speaker is the multi-component or coaxial. These are already installed in the car during the manufacturing stage. Coaxial audio speakers consist of woofers and tweeters mixed within the same unit. The cone shaped woofer can produce very low frequency sounds while the tweeters generate high frequency sounds.

Coaxial speakers are also referred as two-way speaker, three-way speaker, or four-way speaker. It is quite easy to know whether a speaker is two-way, three-way, or four-way. A two-way speaker has one tweeter and one woofer. A four-way speaker has one woofer and 3 tweeters. Tweeters are important because CD’s are played inside the car. Compact disks have 20-20,000 Hz frequencies and a speaker that lacks tweeters can only produce 15 to 10,000 Hz and this could seriously distort the sound coming from your speakers giving you low quality music.

A component speaker sometimes referred to as separate speakers consists of several individual parts or components. Ideally it consists of a 4 to 6 inch woofer with a 1-inch tweeter and an exterior inactive crossover.

First, a few definitions. A component (sometimes called separate) speaker system consists of multiple separate speaker components. Typically this will be a 4″-6.5″ woofer with a 1″ tweeter and an external passive crossover that separates the high frequency and low frequency sounds. High frequency sounds are produced by tweeters and very low sound are generated by a woofer.

The crossover filter functions to filter sounds to prevent distortions by transmitting audio signals. Crossover filters sends high frequency signals between 10,000- 20,0000 Hz to the tweeters while low frequency signals of 25 – 10,000 Hz are sent to the woofers. Subwoofers, generate low frequencies that are below or close to a hundred Hz. It comes beginning at 8 inches which is the least size. Since it is quite large, it needs amplifier power compared to coaxial speakers. For subwoofers to produce low frequency sounds that could be felt and appreciated by listeners, it should be placed close to the tweeters.

To choose the type of speakers perfect for your car stereo, check what you want in a sound system.

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