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What Everyone Should Know About DAB Car Radio

In this article you will learn the advantage of DBA car radio over the analog radio. You will also discover all improved features and benefits that will make your experience as a listener more pleasant and you will never miss your favorite radio show even if you need to step out of your car.

DBA radio sound is much clearer without the annoying hissing and crackling as they don’t have interference from other devices. Unfortunately analog can be interfered from neighboring devices that produce magnetic field or radio-waves effecting the sound quality significantly. It almost becomes unbearable.

Searching and memorizing stations is very easy. DBA radio does automatic station search and you can select you favorite station from the scrolling station list and memorize it. The stations can also be synchronized with the analog radio.

Another amazing feature is the option to pause and fast forward programs. So, if you have to get out from your car during the favorite program or show, you can pause it until you are ready to continue listing. If during the show you get bored just press the fast forward button until you are happy to resume listening.

Most DBA car radio devices can be connected to iPod and MP3 players to play your favorite music on the analog radio. At the end of the car trip it can be used as personal radio. Just take it out of the holder, connect the ear phones and your BBA car radio has turned into personal radio.

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