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The Way of the Power – Jackhammer Subwoofer

Your car is the most looked at vehicle in the lot, but when you climb inside and turn on your sound system – well, let us just say no one is convinced. It is time to match the sound with the car, and the speakers with the system. Enter the Jackhammer subwoofer. As far as power goes, the Jackhammer cannot be surpassed. Handling up to six thousand watts of raw power is the trademark of these remarkable speaker systems. Is there even a sound system capable of powering these awe-inspiring pieces of equipment?

The enclosures of these incredible speaker systems are made from high-tech, space-age materials. The “surround,” or ring around the top of the speaker cone, is made from a specialized rubber, which is manufactured into the cone itself. This lends to a high tolerance of use. The wiring within the enclosure is also made from high tolerance materials, such as extreme temperature plastics and rubberized connectors.

The system may not take a bullet and keep running, but the enclosure for the cone is in the extremes of toughness. Made from special plastics and mineral fillers, the enclosure prevents vibration and keeps the unit cool with an aluminum heat sink unit. Carbon fiber is also used in the manufacture, for toughness and lightness. Aluminum is all over the device, both for lightness and for strength, as well as for heat control. A speaker like this is no longer just a speaker – it becomes a mass driver, creating loads of heat within the cone and magnetic system, so a heat sink is viable at this point.

The magnet system is a nine hundred ounce strontium iron magnet, which will last forever. The tolerances built into the manufacturing are exacting and engineered to last. The sound quality is unsurpassed, providing a clean, crisp audio image at any volume. Imagine: You put on your favorite CD or satellite radio station, and the volume is just above a whisper, yet you can hear every nuance in the sound as if you were right in the room!

Incredibly, the Jackhammer subwoofer is not just known for its awesome output. Weighing in at nearly four hundred pounds, the twenty-two inch Jackhammer subwoofer is a behemoth when it comes to large speaker systems. This is not your Grandpa’s fifteen-inch blaster, not by a long shot. When you get these massive drivers installed, you must be careful of having Grandpa in the back seat. The subwoofer itself is huge, so be sure you have plenty of friends helping with the install.

The Jackhammer subwoofer: Price is no object for so much power!

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