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Review of the Blinder Laser Jammer

The Blinder M27 is Blinder’s new and upgraded version of the M25. With more powerful jamming heads, the M27 is a widely used jammer.

By looking at the two units in a side by side comparison, the M 27 is almost identical to the M25. From the mounting brackets, CPU, wiring, and jammer heads, the M-27 is indiscernible from its older brother. Out of the box, Blinder has included all necessary wiring, an external speaker, the CPU, and two jammer heads.

The installation is almost effortless. By being slightly familiar with car electronics, an amateur installer can easily wire up this unit. All that is needed is a power source, and a ground. Wiring the jammer heads through the firewall is made easy by the telephone style connectors which are small enough to run through the smallest hole. Then all that is left is mounting the jammer heads. This is where it gets a little difficult.

The mounting brackets are independent from each other, meaning that each side of the jammer head is held up by a separate bracket. In order to function correctly, the jammer heads are required to be perfectly straight and perfectly level to the road. This means in order for the heads to be mounted correctly, you must find 2 separate, perfectly level surfaces on the car. This could be easy if mounted on the top of a bumper, but most people do not want two large jammer heads awkwardly placed on the front of their vehicle. A correct head installation is tough to complete on many vehicles, and this is why a majority of blinder users create their own mounting brackets.

Once the heads are mounted correctly, the M27 is much improved from the old version. With more powerful heads and a fully upgradable CPU, this new unit is ready for all new LIDAR guns that are developed. In most cases, this unit will jam the LIDAR all the way to the gun. The Blinder does run into a few jamming problems though.

With certain guns, such as the Ultralyte LR-B, the Blinder laser jammer will occasionally fail. Independent tests have shown vehicles with two jammer heads on the front of the vehicle to fall short on covering highly reflective areas such as the headlights. This is particularly undesirable because police officers are often trained to aim at the headlights when an instant speed reading is not produced. In order to fix this, a type of headlight laser shield may be necessary. Laser Veil is a paint-on liquid applied to the headlights. The application of this to the headlights will greatly assist the Blinder in obtaining greater jamming results.

Another solution is the Blinder M47. This is the M27 with two additional jammer heads. If a user is having trouble with the jamming capabilities if the M27, the two additional heads are great to gain improved results. The two extra jammer heads will make the vehicle bullet proof to most LIDAR guns in almost all situations.

Overall the M27 is a high-quality, good performing jammer. The M27 is suitable for smaller vehicles with a smaller profile. The M47 is used to cover weak spots in smaller vehicles or protect large trucks or SUV’s.

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