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The Best Electric Car Conversion Kit Review

What can we do about the never ending rise of gasoline costs? You can convert your car to run on electricity. Many celebrities, such as Danny Devito and Tom Hanks drive electric cars, and even though gas prices are trending to be anywhere from $5-$7 per gallon by next year, I’m sure they could afford to fill up their gas tanks. So why would they convert their cars to electric?

Aside from the cost of gasoline, the other benefits include a much smoother ride, less maintenance, a cleaner and quieter engine, a lot less pollution and tax incentives. The usual cost for converting a gas car to electricity can be over $6,000 so what can the average hard working non-celebrity do to take advantage of clean electric cars?

You can get an electric car conversion kit.

It’s not very hard to find a car that you can convert. A very good choice for conversion is a small truck since it has a bigger space to store batteries. But you can also convert small cars as well and enjoy much faster speeds.

I’m sure you are thinking that it is going to be a hard daunting task to perform this project. Even if you are mechanically illiterate, you can still convert your cars into electric cars with some detailed plans found in good electric car conversion kits.

Of course, in this project, you will have to spend some money, but the investment will be well worth it. The average cost of converting your own electric car by using an electric car conversion kit will cost you less than a months worth of gasoline. If you decide to take advantage of this opportunity to get off of gas, you will enjoy longer driving distances, lower maintenance requirements, tax incentives for driving an electric car and best of all, not having to pull into another gas station again.

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