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Build an Electric Car – How to Make Your Very Own DIY Electric Car

As we experience the ill effects of Global Warming with each passing day, more and more people have started to take the initiative to do their own share in helping save the environment even through something as simple as making a conscious effort to recycle or to just conserve energy every chance they get. Do you turn off the lights when someone is not in the room? Do you do swap your old clothes with your friends as a form of recycling?

It is actually nice to see more and more people doing his or her own share to save the environment, most especially A-list celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mandy Moore and a slew of other environmentally conscious Hollywood stars who have made hybrid cars the “It” car of the moment. Hopefully, they are doing this to show how much they care for the environment and not just to join the save the world bandwagon.

In any case, there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to help change the world, and if you want another way to help out then why don’t you consider electric car conversion. In spite of being an environmentally friendly car, hybrids will still cost you some serious dough so instead of blowing off all your cash on a brand new hybrid car, why not just build an electric car by yourself? Not only will you get to save a lot of money but you will really get on the nitty gritty about DIY electric car and can easily offer your assistance to your family, friends as well as other people who are interested in electric car conversion, consider this as an added good deed to your list of helping save the environment.

But how do you exactly go about electric car conversion? While there are some books offering tips on electric car conversion or DIY electric car, a nice alternative – and a great means of conserving paper and helping the environment, is to purchase an online guide about electric car conversion instead. These electric car conversion online guides are readily available through the Internet, simply type in the kind of electric car conversion guide that you want on the search engine and just wait for the search results to appear.

So while you are still choosing which online guide for electric car conversion you want to buy, here are some quick tips on DIY electric car:

For DIY electric car or how to build an electric car all on your own, you may want to consult with a car hobbyist to help you or give you more tips when going about your own electric car conversion, he or she may actually offer to do the conversion for you but if you really want to get on the nitty gritty of electric car conversion then just ask him or her for tips and not totally rely on these car hobbyists to do all the work for you.

You may also seek some advice on how to choose the right kit for your electric car conversion, depending on the kind of car that you want to convert into a electric. Take note that small or “light” cars are actually the easiest to convert into an electric, just make sure that the body has enough room for a battery.

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