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Pinstriping Tape for Your Car Has Come a Long Way

Pinstriping tape for vehicles has been around for many years. In the early years of pinstriping tape the options were modest but they served their purpose. In the past few years the options for those who want to add a little striping pizazz to their ride without using paint are limitless.

Thousands of people like to personalize their car or truck. Striping, graphics, murals, banners, etc. Most people want to break up a mass of color, or want to stand out among the crowd and have their car look unique. From mild to wild there is a pinstriping tape design available for just about anyone and everyone.

In addition to the variety of vinyl pinstriping available today, the quality is extremely good. Premium vinyl could last years and years with little care. That’s not to say that pinstriping tape is bullet proof, but the quality is such that if installed right and taken care of, your designs can last just about as long as you own your car.

Pinstriping tape trends

  • Printed vinyl is all the rage lately. Having designs and patterns printed directly on the vinyl is very popular, but more expensive. Such printed designs as carbon fiber, flames, animal print, and camouflage are available for you to deck out your ride with.
  • Metallic colors are always classy and timeless. Metallic pinstriping tape can add an element of class and style to the right car or truck, especially if that car or truck has a metallic paint job on it. The color selection in the metallic category is somewhat limited compared to non-metallic colors, however there are plenty of choices.
  • When one thinks of pinstriping tape you might just be thinking of long, thin stripes down the side of a ride. Don’t stop there. Graphic designs, cartoon characters, sayings and logos are made out of the same materials. Using the stripes with graphic designs in combination can work really well on most vehicles.
  • The bigger the vehicle, the thicker the striping tape. Usually. A small economy car can really look good with a couple of thin lines down the sides, while those same lines would hardly show up on a Peterbilt big rig.
  • Reflective pinstriping tape is an option too. Reflective vinyl is very similar to a stop sign. At night when your headlights shine on a stop sign, the stop sign shines right back at you. It’s a very nice feature. Reflective vinyl striping is more expensive than non-reflective or metallic vinyl. There are also just a few colors to choose from in the reflective category.
  • Doing it yourself. While some people will always try and do as many things for themselves as they can, the majority of people still are more than a little intimidated at the thought of striping their own car. They might be OK with applying pinstriping tape to a piece of equipment or an older vehicle, but most people don’t want to tackle their newer vehicles.

Adding a little striping to a personal or company vehicle has been around for a long, long time. Even with the changes in the economy over the last few years, there are plenty of Americans who still love their cars and want to customize them in some way. With all the improvements in pinstriping tape over the last few years, more and more people are choosing vinyl stripes over painted stripes. That probably won’t change anytime soon.

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