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How to Measure Head, Tail and Fog Lights for Tinting

Optically-clear film for the main and secondary lamps of automobiles is one of the most well-known automobile components on the tuning and detailing scene in the last several years. In the following brief guide we will offer recommendations for just how much material would be needed to finish any given job and preserve you both money in the long run.

How to Determine the Roll Size Needed

Although we will give you the estimated lengths needed for each type of job later we want to first offer you a more detailed understanding of how to measure the areas to be wrapped with tint film. You will need the following supplies:

• String or a measuring tape

• A Sharpie or pen to mark the string

• Masking or low-tac tape to hold your measure in place

First identify the points representing the maximum height and width of the light. Tape or keep the end of the cord at one end and unfurl it until you reach the opposite end. You may actually end up calculating both the width and depth of the lens but, because you are going to be using a two-dimensional sheet you can regard it as a single dimension.

Using the same strategy used record the width, proceed to record its height. When you have measured both dimensions you will need to add an extra 2 ” wide to each to be able to ensure you will have enough tint for the job and to allow you to handle the film. It is very important that this step not be missed because body oils and over-handling are two of the significant causes which cause to delamination and lack of adhesion.

Headlight Wrapping

When tinting out your front lights you should always be sure to keep visibility as your first concern. We suggest the use of smoked tint on front lights only on automobiles to be used for display purposes. In general, most headlights will need at least 24 by 24-inches of vinyl each to be able to be absolutely covered. Therefore, if you want to buy one section of wrap to tint the pair of headlamps you would need to buy a 48-inch sheet.

Tinting Taillights

The same concerns apply for taillight tinting as for those above. Tail lamps can vary widely in size and shape but it is almost certain that you will need at least 24-square inches per light for sufficient protection.

Smoking-out Fog Lights

Fog lamps are usually smaller than the head or taillights although there are some significant exclusions out there such as certain Subarus. As such, one twenty-four by twenty-four inch wrap kit will be sufficient to film both fog illumination and you should have enough remaining over to add used components to your part indicators or third braking mechanism illumination.

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