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Automotive Carpet Extractors: How an Extractor Can Improve Your Interior Detail Work

Ground deep into the carpet of your car, beyond the reach of heavy-duty vacuums and toothpicks, lie the most tenacious of particles. Emanating the foulest stenches, these forgotten chunks make themselves a home clutched against the base of carpet strands. Perhaps they were once superficial – stains that could once be brushed out with the stroke of a hand. But after weeks and weeks of shoe compression, these chunks are able to permanently settle in the warm, dark recesses of auto-carpets – until now. The Aztec Hot Rod Carpet Extractor makes quick work of the impossible stains. How does it do this? Through a two step process: scald and slurp. Hot water, at least 200 degrees, followed by an unbelievable degree of suction force, is the key.

Vacuums will only reach the upper half of the carpet surface. They are helpless to as much as quake the deeper layer of ground-in filth that is the true cause of most stench and visual disgust in the common vehicle. A hot water injection permeates down to the basest layer – a place filled with ancient, rotting particles. Imagine putting a bare foot down on such a carpet. You don’t want to. An initial atomizer application of degreaser, followed by the Aztec Hot Rod treatment, cleans all the way through the carpet’s layers, making the carpet as clean as when the car was driven off the dealership.

Extractors leave a carpet chemical-free once the treatment is complete. Many car washes and detail shops will spray the carpets down with a potent, mean cocktail of dirt punishing power, but will then run a quick shop-vac over where the chemical application site to remove both dirt and residual chemical. This leaves the vehicle smelling like a laboratory. This leaves the bare foot placed beside the accelerator liable to burn from chemical exposure. This is not just an olfactory concern, but a health one. Drivers and their passengers, especially the little ones, can be saved from exposure to harsh chemicals by use of the Aztec Hot Rod instead of more conventional methods.

Heated carpet extractors, finally, leave the carpets dry when the treatment is complete. Hot water evaporates quickly. Any water molecules that are left after the Aztec’s almost meteorological suction hose passes over will evaporate in moments. No more damp carpets, clean, but inviting to mold and airborne grime. Manually shampooing and vacuuming out the remaining solution, as many people do, leaves carpets wet and even sometimes stinky.

A more thorough carpet cleaning process makes for happier customers. Particularly moms, whose highest priority in a car detail is a fresh, dry, and clean interior. The Aztec is an excellent investment for detailers everywhere – particularly ones looking to step up their game and offer a more professional service than their competitors.

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