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Dealers See Advantages in Using Carfax

Carfax is the oldest established accident-reporting agency in the United States. The company began supplying car history information to dealers and consumers in the late 1980s. Using a Carfax report is a great way to begin an informed search for a good quality used car.

Detailed Car History Reports

Carfax offers the most detailed accident history reports compared to other reporting services. A Carfax report will include as many details about a car’s history as the service could compile based on state and federal records. Most Carfax reports also include information about a car’s maintenance record if the car was serviced at a dealer’s auto repair shop. All accident history reports are limited by the amount of information they can collect about any given car, but Carfax provides the greatest amount of detail possible.

Reliable Emissions Records

The emissions record on a car’s history report can tell you quite a lot about a used car. It also gives you an instant way to recognize if there is something unusual about the car you are considering. If the emissions report does not match up with the odometer reading, it is a good indication that something has not been properly reported to you by the dealer. Carfax offers accurate emissions records for every car that it sends out reports on. In fact, emissions records are the most accurate portion of most of the reports available through any accident history service.

Ideal for Auto Sales Professionals

Although Carfax is available to individual consumers, it is more beneficial for dealers. Carfax has a pricing schedule that makes more sense for dealers who purchase large numbers of reports at once. The reports themselves can be difficult to read if you are not familiar with the intricacies of auto transactions.

For private party purchases, most consumers choose to use an alternative service called AutoCheck. This vehicle history report provides an easy-to-read snapshot of a car’s history, rating the car compared to others of the same year, make and model. AutoCheck pricing is generally more consumer friendly as well.

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