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Car Dealers SEO – Blueprint of Online Success for Automotive Dealers

If you are a dealer in the know, you are aware that 80% plus of your car buyers are doing their research online first before ever emailing, calling or stepping foot in your showroom. What will they think of your dealership if they can’t find you through a simple Google search? Or worse, if they find a small presence and bad reviews?

Managing your online presence through local search engine optimization is the key to driving increased sales. First, a word on return on investment. Your current marketing budget is most likely spent on TV, radio and print advertising. Can you track the ROI of that investment? For instance, how many TV viewers then came to your car lot and purchased a vehicle? How about radio listeners or readers of the local newspaper?

The ROI of local search engine optimization for auto dealers is a magnitude greater than any of the old media mentioned before. From online searches, Yelp ratings, local Google ads; they can all be tracked on your website to show you where the customer came from, how long they visited your site and what they did while on the site.

Where to start your local SEO campaign? It is best to hire a professional SEO company that has years of experience in this field. But, there are a few things you can start with yourself that 99% of your competition isn’t doing.

• Claim your local listing on Google, Yahoo and Bing

• Add your business address for your local city

• Add the proper category

• Have listing offline like Yellow Pages, Dex, etc.

• Have listing on industry blogs and directories

• Customer reviews!

• Keyword in the title of your website

What sites to focus on? The number one site to focus on for rankings and traffic is Google. Your 20% effort, 80% results can be found here. Add your local listing properly, look for listings on related blog and directories, ask for customer reviews and you will find success!

Results do not occur overnight. It is a continual effort that will give you a competitive advantage. A managed local search engine optimization plan is the optimal way to continued success. You’ll be one of the few local dealers in the know and will dominate your market! Think about the downside to not doing local SEO; losing market share in a world increasingly moving online.

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