Oil Change Coupons Give a Break to Amateur Mechanics

Many people take a great deal of pride in being able to complete home or vehicle maintenance tasks themselves. One of the more regular car or truck maintenance steps that needs to be completed is an oil change. While the procedure is simple and easy to complete at home, occasionally using a professional service can provide a nice respite from the dirty task. Taking advantage of oil change coupons that come around in weekly fliers, coupon mailing services, or are found on specialist websites can help you get a great deal.

The often-repeated conventional wisdom that oil needs to be changed every three months or three thousand miles has been thoroughly debunked at this point. Most modern vehicle owner’s manuals will list the optimal mileage between oil changes but you can also rely on other methods to know when the task needs to be completed. Checking the engine oil light on your dashboard or the quality of oil that is on the dipstick gives very definitive answers as to when you need to change your oil. If that times comes when you have little free time to complete the task yourself or if you would simply prefer to have a professional do the task this time, then checking for oil change coupons can save you money on the service.

The benefits of visiting a garage or specialist lube shop are varied and go beyond not having to get under a vehicle to drain old oil and all of the dirt and grime that brings with it. Not only will oil be drained, disposed of, and replaced, but other regular routine maintenance tasks will also be done during an oil change service. Also, the scope of that service depends on the location. Normally this will include oil and air filter checks. Windshield washer fluid, antifreeze, and coolant levels will also be monitored and topped off if necessary. Tires will be checked and inflated to proper levels. One thing to consider is the quality of oil that is being put into your vehicle. If you are completing the task yourself you may use oil of a higher quality than the standard oil used at a lube shop. Requesting higher quality oil will raise the price of service, but using oil change coupons may cancel out the price difference.

Whether you lack the time or inclination, or would simply prefer to have a professional complete the work this time, you can make the process cheaper by keeping your eyes open for oil change coupons. That can mean that you do not have to spend a considerable amount of money for the convenience of a full service lube shop or garage.

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