Shift From Car to Motorcycle to Save Fuel and Increase MPG – Is it Worth It?

If you are aware of the gasoline uprising just like an elevator going to the topmost floor nonstop, will you try to shift from car to motorcycle to save fuel? It is in here where the rising cost of gasoline in today world has pressed the average earning consumer to new and innovative ends to try to put aside fuel, and save money. Actually, there have been many breakthroughs to help increase gas mileage. One pertinent example are researchers done being hybrid cars.

Looking back, the invention of the motorcycle in the 1900’s, people throughout time have been enhancing upon the engines of the motorcycle and have been focusing on having a perfect fuel efficiency. Unfortunately for us, there have been no efforts to spread the advantages of shifting from car to motorcycles that it can help consumer to spend less and help the environment survive.

Want to know the main reason why motorcycles receive such excellent fuel mileage? The main reason is its weight. Basically, it is in here where the bigger the type of vehicle, the higher its fuel consumption and combustion. Try to imagine and compare a motorcycle with an SUV? Also, compute the differences of its fuel consumption and mileage? Do you realize the difference?

Does your family compose of three members? Why not shift from car to motorcycle to save fuel? It is in here where using this arrangement it will:

– Still agree to for fuel savings

– Gives the family some time spent on the open road

– Create bonding and unique experience in a fun and enjoyable way

Amazingly, some motorcycles are able to achieve an amazing 80 miles per gallon of fuel, standard, not modified from the factory. Though there might be some efforts to promote cars ability to save money. It is still not enough and very incomparable to motorcycles. Just a bit of a trivia here, the best vehicle as of today that is commercially released by Honda runs for like per gallon it is 63 miles. But you must consider a lot of factors that is part in buying a car such as insurance, mileage, etc.

Based on an interview from an insurance company, the agent said that motorcycle insurance is way much cheaper than the automobiles. Basically, the actual amount is computed will vary on the following considerations:

-Driver’s experience, driving history, motorcycle or automobile type

-Safety factors of each vehicle, and the actual cost of the vehicle

The choice on whatever type of car you’ll drive depends on your needs and satisfaction. There were a lot of people who realized the dramatic savings they experienced with the usage of motorcycles compared to automobiles. According to them the results were very rewarding. Before you decide, take time to ask and assess yourself with all the factors to consider before you change your type of car. So should you shift from car to a motorcycle to save fuel?

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