ATVs – Enjoy With Caution

Owning or using an ATV (all terrain vehicle) is an ambition for loads of people of all ages across the country. Unlike road vehicles, ATVs often seem to be associated with greater freedom and exploration of the countryside. Many people who use these specialist machines on a day to day basis do so for work, they may be farmers or gamekeepers for example, who need to have access to animals far from the beaten track. There has long been an interest in ATVs for recreational and sporting purposes, and a number of clubs exist to provide trails, support and advice for enthusiasts.

Promoting the safe use of ATVs is another important function that can be performed by specialist organizations. It is vital for those who use all terrain vehicles to know just how dangerous they can be if used inappropriately or foolishly, accidents can be very serious and sometimes fatal. Keeping any vehicle in good working order is the duty of any owner or user, and ATVs are no different, they should be maintained correctly on a regular basis. Another way to improve the safety of off road vehicles is to upgrade certain parts. ATV brakes need to be of a high quality and should be able to perform in all kinds of conditions. Off roading can be a messy business, so ATV brakes which can perform well in dusty, muddy and wet conditions are vital. When the time comes to replace ATV brakes the quality and performance should be of paramount importance. It the cost of parts is an issue, finding offers on good quality products should be possible, especially given the current financial climate.

For those who wish to start getting involved with ATVs, good clubs can be great sources of information, and have designated trails where newcomers to the concept can get used to ATV brakes, controls and acceleration. They are great places to meet other people who share the same interests and enthusiasm; many great friendships can be formed through the love of ATVs! Spending some spare time at the weekend enjoying the thrill and adrenaline rush of off road driving is some people’s idea of a dream, though others can see it is a noisy occupation – anyone with an ATV should make sure they respect others when using them, stay on your own land or on club land, and away from protected areas! Any kind of vehicle needs to be used responsibly, taking others into account, whether on the road or not.

Safety is just as important to those who rely on all terrain vehicles to enable them to do their job and earn a living. Upgraded and properly maintained vehicles are important no matter who the user is or why they are in command of the machine! Never be in too much of a rush to start out off the road without checking an ATVs condition. No matter who you are or why you use an all terrain vehicle, remember that safety comes first!

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